Childhood Heroes Contest Proposed by Felis

David Oneiros

Here's my characters I made up when I was a kid. They're scientists specializing in different fields.

Maverick is the leader and a former head of the FBI. He specializes in tactics and strategy, Undertow is the oceanographer of the group, Cloudburst is the aviation expert and meteorologist as well as an expert in air sciences, Mole is a geologist and archaeologist, Fuze is a computer expert and electronics expert, Doc is a biologist, chemist, and medical doctor, Jade Paw is a zoologist and botanist.
Maverick Undertow Cloudburst Mole Fuze Doc Jade Paw

This is one of the first teams I created when I was in middle school, and there some of the first micros I ever made too... I redid some of them in different looks because I was experimenting in costume design... let me know what you think.

They are: Silk : femme fatale ala Phantom Lady/Black Canary, Hunter Green : Hawkeye/Green Arrow/John Stewart, Blind Tiger : obligatory martial arts bad-ass, UV : energy wielder, Kamikaze : japanese whirlwind-my Red Tornado, Chesire : invisible jokester, Djinn : middle eastern Arabian Knight, Golden Pharaoh : flying Egyptian hero, Turtle : armored genius, Frog : weapons expert and Turtle's partner, Torpedo : razor-sharp flying hero w/ optic blasts, Thrush : stealth flying Blackhawk wannabee, Unicorn : mentalist with the ability to project psychokinetic blasts through his helmet.

Silk Hunter Green
Blind Tiger UV Kamikaze Chesire Djinn
Golden Pharaoh
Turtle Frog Torpedo Thrush Unicorn

Felipe Meyer

The ancient Brazillian Indians believed that in the high mountais a tribe of bat-winged-men has lived. This flying Indians was called Cupendiepes. I made a super-hero with this name when I was 14 or 15 years old...


A couple of years later, I created Purple Elephant and his sidekick Rootgroove. Both are inspired in songs writed by my uncle, Ilhan Ersahin.

Purple Elephant Rootgroove

This are some characters I've created based on my friends, when I was 15 or 16.

Fulano (John Doe) : full-time invisibility, Caveira (Skull) : can kill a person with his mind powers, Toxic Girl : sorry, but i really don't remember her powers :P

Fulano Caveira Toxic Girl Fulano, Caveira & Toxic Girl

Felis 7

Those are old super-heroes I have designed when I was 12/13 years old (Back in the midle '70s) ;)

Ground Control has the control over minerals and plants, his partner PowerFist (ex-member of the Hi-Corp.) is a strong man, Arakhne is a vampire webshooter, Solar, partner of Arakhne has the fire power of the sun.

Ground Control PowerFist Arakhne Solar

Here is Reichman, because to have a good hero you have to imagine a real bad villain and when I was a kid I believe that the nazi were the worst thing I knew (but now I know that some are even worst)


In 1973 I have made some super-heroes with my Lego bricks and some become the "Let's Go Men" (I know it's ridiculous but I was 11)
One of them, Torpedo, has been later redesign on paper as a solo hero, here are the 2 costumes when he was part of the LGM and the 2 when he act solo.


My last entry, this time it's a group called "Hi-Corp." (don't remember why) as a teenager my favorite group of super-heroes was the X-Men (it's still my fav) and I have imagined a group of mutants. First you have them in their original costume, and then with the second one.

They are : Hitball, a teenager acrobat, Hypersens a woman with her five senses extremely developed, PowerFist, the strong leader of the band (who later team up with Ground Control), Speedy, a young man fast as light and Zap!, controling electricity.

Hitball Hypersens PowerFist Speedy Zap!


This is a group of heroes I made when I was in my pre-teen years (late 70's) the group is called Ultra Team Earth Force (I know not very original name) I did very little updating on them so they might look from that era.

Ultra Team Earth Force
Anything Man Dead Eye Jungle Queen Telestra Ultra Bionic
Blue Eagle Freak Boy Sleed Stinger

Some of the villans I made as a child.

Damnation Dr. Disco Microwoman Red Bird

Shadowolf was a monster hunter. back when I created him I didn't know what a mutant was but he was born as a wolf child after his mother was attacked by a werewolf.

+ 3 micros of my childhood creations : Atomic Boy, Atomic Girl & Nuclear Man.

Shadowolf Atomic Boy Atomic Girl Nuclear Man

I made this team when I was a teen .

Leather Force
Cassandra Heather Jen Nicole Susan

Iron Man I

Here is my creation. White Star. a kinda combo of Captain Marvel (Marvel Comics) and Superman.

White Star

Robert Bradley

I think I came up with this guy sometime around 1975 or 1976 when I was just starting to read comics, and well, as you can see, "Captain X" wasn't going to set the comic book community on it's ear, but at least he came before the new X-Men so i can't be accused of trying to cash in on their popularity.

I forget what his superpowers were, I think he could fly and didn't have to eat his vegetables (or something like that).

Captain X