World War II Heroes & Villains
Created by Nolo




King Solomon Onca Negra
What if Solomon Grundy was a Polish Jew during ww2? Given his size, strength, and extremely low intellegence; and with the likes of Uberlandser (German Superman), they might have made him fight for sport. They named him King Solomon because he was undefeated (and as an obvious joke). But they couldn't hold him captive forever, and once free, he went after any Axis soldier or hero he could get his hands on. King Solomon soon became a name feared by all Axis soldiers... What if the ww2-era Black Panther was from Brazil instead of Africa? He might look something like this. He's called Onca Negra (or Black Jaguar), and would fight on the Allied side.
Sand-Spider Einzelganger
Here we have the Sand-Spider (aka Spiderman), fighting the Axis in the deserts of North Africa. There's a reason Switzerland was never invaded during ww2. That reason is Lobo, otherwise known as Einzelganger (or Lone Wolf in German). Much like his beloved space fish, Einzelganger had a soft spot for the country that made yummy chocolate, cheese with holes, and funny wooden clocks. So when war reared it's ugly head, he stepped in and made sure neither the Allies nor the Axis set foot in Switzerland.


Fantastic Four (Fantasticna Cetvorka)
First up is the ww2 era Fantastic Four. I made them from Yugoslavia (by request), so their slavic name is Fantastichna Chetvorka (means the same as in English). Their names also translate directly (more or less) to their regular versions (Thing = Stvar, Invisible girl = Nevida, Human Torch = Ljudski Plamen), except for Mr. Fantastic, who's been renamed the Plastik Partizan (history lesson: partizans were the Yugo troops fighting on the Allied side in ww2).
Stvar Nevida
Ljudski Plamen Plastik Partizan


Kwai-Lo Raket Guld and Sjomakt Kryp
Up next is the ww2 Daredevil. He's a member of the Chinese resistance against the Japanese, and he's called Kwai-Lo (which is a derogatory Chinese term meaning "white devil"). By request, here are ww2 tag-team of Booster Gold and Blue Beetle. I wanted to keep their primary colors the same, so I made them from Sweden, fighting for the Allied side in Northern Europe. Booster is known as Raket Guld (or Rocket Gold), and Beetle is known as Sjomakt Kryp (or Navy Bug).
Sgt. Bane, USMC The Flying Fox
Bane, aka Sgt. Bane, USMC. I decided to make him a marine, cause for some reason I can just see him storming an enemy position somewhere in the South Pacific. Of course, he's doing it all on his own. Ah, if only bane was at Iwo Jima... Batman, aka The Flying Fox. As you can see, he's British. I decided to do something unusual and made him into a ww2 fighter pilot.
American Splendor Ironside
Then we have Brian Braddock, aka American Splendor. For those of you unfamiliar with the character, he's Marvel's Captain Britain. But since my whole shtick is making the micros from other countries of origin than we're used to, I made him from the US. After all, I had to have at least one Captain America-esque character in the lineup. Next is Colossus, aka Ironside, a soldier in the US army.
Incedia and Icicle L'Archer
Then, there's Fire and Ice, aka Incedia and Icicle. Both are on the Allied side. Incedia is a Mata-Hari-esque super-spy from parts unknown, while Icicle is from (where else?) Iceland. Even though iceland was officially neutral during ww2, I figure a hero like her would have still done her part. Next, it's Green Arrow, aka L'Archer, a French resistance fighter. He's not as spit-an-polish as some of the other guys, but he does all right for himself.
Mystere Nicholas Furyevitch
Also a part of the French underground is Gypsy, aka Mystere. Admittedly, I didn't know much about this character, as it was a request, so I made her into a French spy. Next is Nick Fury, aka Nicholas Furyevitch, agent of NKVD (the Soviet secret service).
Namoros Knightwing
Since Aquaman's a bad guy, I had to create a nemesis for him. Enter Namor the Submariner, aka Namoros, a member of the Greek resistance, keeping the Mediterranean Axis free since '41 (or something like that...) Batman's once-sidekick had grown up, so Nightwing, aka Knightwing, also fights for King and Country like his mentor.
Roughneck Hellspring
Of course, that means Batman needs a new sidekick. Therefore, we have Robin, aka Roughneck, a member of Flying Fox's squadron, ridding the skies of Luftwaffe scum. Next is one I'm really proud of, Spawn, aka Hellspring, who comes from Canada (notice the red jacket?) He's one of the most detailed micros I've done yet, and I love the way he turned out.
Paragon Liam Luthor
Then, we have Steve Rogers (Marvel's Captain America), aka Paragon, who's the result of a British supersoldier program. The shield is the standard used on all British planes during the war (and still is to this day). Since Superman's a bad guy here, I had to make a good Lex Luthor, aka Liam Luthor, a mercenary from neutral Ireland fighting on the Allied side.
CCCPatriot Sandfox
And since I did Cap America, I thought why not USAgent, aka CCCPatriot, fighting for the Soviet cause. Now, I know "CCCP" is actually pronounced "SSSR", but it was too good to pass up. Then we have Vixen, aka Sandfox, who's from Algeria and fights for the Allies.
And finally, there's one of my all-time favorite superheros, Wildcat, aka Rys (means Wildcat in Russian), fighting for Mother Russia. I made him in 2 versions, one regular red outfit, and one white outfit for fighting in the winter time. I think that what he'd look like in defending Stalingrad.
El Matador Papa Seraf
El Matador, hailing from Spain, and fighting on the side of the Allied resistance. Papa Seraf, from bayous of Louisiana (though it's rumored he's actually from a small French-run island called Haiti in the middle of some ocean somewhere). As you can guess, voodoo is the power at play with this one.




Doktor Propast Ozeanwulff
Since I made the Fantastic Four from Serbia / Yugoslavia, it seemed only fitting to make their nemesis from Croatia. So here is Doktor Propast (means Doctor Doom in Croatian), fighting for the Axis. First up is Aquaman, aka Ozeanwulff (the Ocean Wolf in German), the Scourge of the North Atlantic.
Der Joker Harle-kinn
Can't have evil Nazis without a really bad guy, can we? Enter Der Joker. Now I made 2 versions of him, because I couldn't decide which was more menacing, an SS version or a Gestapo version. I also made him with a little moustache, but he looked way too much like Chaplin in the "Great Dictator". So, no moustache... And of course, the Joker isn't complete without his better (and just as psychotic) half. Enter Harlequinn, aka Harle-kinn.
Eisenmaske Primo
Then, we have Iron Man, aka Eisenmaske (or Iron Mask in German). I made 2 versions of him, one with a long trenchcoat and one without, so you could see his leg armor better. The one with a hat doesn't count as a separate's just a hat for Gawd's sake! But an evil hat nonetheless... As another request, I did Ultraverse's Prime, aka Primo, a Superman-esque character hailing from Italy.
Uberlandser Ronin
Another of my first attempts is Superman, aka Uberlandser (means Super Soldier in German). The whole idea with him was "what if Supes landed in Germany as a baby and not the US?" I figured he'd be groomed since birth to fight for the Fatherland. Here's Marvel's Guardian, aka Ronin, fighting out of imperial Japan.
Gaijin Sayonara
Gaijin, an orphan of English decent raised in the streets of Tokyo. He was taken in by the father of the hero who would grow up to be Ronin. While Ronin became the epitome of the new technological Japan, Gaijin was taught the old ways. He will always be looked upon as a second-class citizen, due to his skin color and too-round eyes, but it only makes him fight more fiercely for his adopted home - to prove to everyoone, as much as himself, that he belongs in this eastern world. A beautiful assasin from the Empire of Japan. She was named such because it's always the last thing her victims hear before they expire.

Besides being proficient in a number of martial arts, she has the uncanny ability to never be heard or seen, even in public, if she chooses not to be. Her deadliest weapon is her green hair. It is pure poison. She takes a single strand and wraps it around a dart, arrowhead, or blade (depending on how personal she wants the kill to be) - to date there is no known cure.


X-Men (Axis Men/Achse Männer)
It took the better part of forever, but I finally got 'em done. Here are the ww2 original X-Men, as requested by some friends of mine. They wanted to see the original five X-Men (and Professor X) as part of the Axis.
So, may I present...(dramatic pause)...the Axis Men! (Achse Männer)
They are an elite military unit, with each team member carrying a high-grade officer rank in the German military.
Totenauge Todesengel
First is the team leader, Totenauge (or Death-eye in English - aka Cyclops). He carries the rank of General in the SS. He is the youngest general in the military, having cut a swath through his competition with ruthless determination. He is known for having no mercy...or a sense of humor... Next is Todesengel (or Angel of Death - aka Angel), who is also a full colonel in the Luftwaffe. He's a brash, and at times reckless, mutant, exemplifying the Aryan ideal (blonde, blue eyed, angellic), and as such is often the poster boy for recruiting drives and propaganda materials. His experimental energy gauntlets make him a threat to any enemy plane in the sky.
Raubtier Glatteis
Then, there's Raubtier (or Beast of Prey, aka Beast), who is a colonel in the Wermacht (or German infantry). Not only is he extremelly strong and agile, but posseses an immense intellect. His soldiers credit him with knowing every text-book manouver ever written, and his strategic mind has saved the day on more than one occasion. If it wasn't for his appearance, he'd surely be a full general by now. In fact, his blue fur was such a handicap, that he created a serum that turned his fur blonde. After all, an aryan cat is far more "acceptable" than a blue one... Next is Glatteis (or Black Ice, aka Iceman), who carries the rank of Major in the SS. His powers have come in handy for the Russian campaigns, where, unlike the ordinary German soldiers, he flourishes in the harsh winter climates. He single-handedly won several key battles due to this fact.
Domina HauptGeist
Then, there's Domina (aka Jean Grey), who is a colonel in the Gestappo (the German secret police of the time). She has no rival in the art of interrogation, save for Hauptgeist (who trained her himself). She can bend any man to her will, both with her mind and her looks. And finally, there's HauptGeist (or Mastermind, aka Professor X), also known as Herr Professor Axis, and the team founder. He is the highest ranking memeber of the team, having the title of Field Marshall in the Gestappo and the SS. He rarely suits up for battle, prefering to send the team out instead, but for those rare times when his powers are needed, he tends to make an immediate impact on the enemy. He is one of the most feared of all German forces. He bears a scar on his face when, as a young man, he fought a duel. After being cut, he became so angry that he melted his opponent's brain. It was the first time he ever used his powers on another person, and found it rather pleasing; not to mention a useful tool for promotion...



World War II Heroes & Villains created by Phillip Campy TV Batman